Why should I choose a Powered Respirator such as CleanAir over a disposable one?

04 June 2021

With the news that Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are inspecting fabricated metal businesses across Great Britain, checking that they are managing the respiratory risks of welding fumes/metalworking fluids and ensuring business are providing adequate protection for their employees.

Now more than ever it’s important that not only are you protecting your employees, but also that you are legally compliant.

Many businesses are using disposable respirators, not only are they a constant ongoing expense with the added cost of yearly face fit testing, they’re also contributing to the 53 million face masks we’re adding to landfill each year.

Wearing a disposable respirator for a long period of time isn't ideal
❌ Resistance to your breathing
❌ Irritation on your face
❌ Can lead to increased carbon monoxide levels in your body
❌ Bad for the environment
❌ Constant ongoing expense
❌ Yearly face fit testing required
❌ Poor seal if you have facial hair

So why not invest in a powered respirator such as CleanAir?

A personal respiratory protection system (PRPS), based on the principle of overpressure of filters air in the breathing zone. Attached to a belt it filtrates the air from the surrounding environment and delivers it through a hose into a protective mask/hood. The overpressure prevents the contaminants from entering the breathing zone and at the same time ensuring due to the mild overpressure the user if comfortable over long-term use. There's no breathing resistance to overcome.

Not only are they a more cost-effective solution whilst being better for the environment. There are many other benefits from using the CleanAir power respiratory system including:

✔️ Very robust PAPR system tried and tested in the demanding Nordic shipyards
✔️ Excellent alternative product to the Scott range
✔️ Most headtops achieve the TH3 protection rating - the highest level of protection
✔️ Vast range of different headtops available to choose from
✔️ Manufactured in Europe
✔️ Lightweight and comfortable units for the user
✔️ Comprehensive, high-quality range for particulate, chemical, and welding applications
✔️ Units and accessories available next day from our stock
✔️ Save money with no ongoing costs of replacement masks
✔️ No face fit testing required
✔️ Enhanced user protection
✔️ No need for a clean-shaven face
✔️ Far greater user comfort

We have a range of RPE options available and are UK distributors for the market-leading CleanAir!

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