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Keeping your workplace safe is equally as important as providing your workers with the right PPE.  It can prevent an injury that might otherwise happen.  View our core range of workplace safety products below and we have a full range of safety sigage to compliment this too.

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Safety Poster Health and Safety Law

The poster tells workers what they and their employers need to do to ensure their health and safety in the workplace. In simple terms, using numbered lists of basic points, the poster outlines what employers must do, what workers must do and what to do if there are concerns with health & safety in the workplace.

Worker ICE ID Tag

The WSID-01 is our original Worker ID. It is easily fitted to the exterior of each worker’s hard hat. Securely stores their critical and potentially lifesaving ID information essential in the event of a serious accident or medical emergency.

Spill Aid Absorbent 30 litre per bag

Spill Aid Absorbent is fast acting for all spills from chemicals to oil. It leaves surfaces dry and safe to walk or work on in seconds. Just pour spill aid onto the spill and brush in. Then brush this up, leaving the surface perfectly dry with no residue. Ideal for use in spills where glass has been broken. Spill Aid granules are ideal for use in supermarkets, highway maintenance, garages, laboratories, hospitals and anywhere a liquid has been spilled onland. It will absorb oil, diesel, petrol, acids (not hydrofluoric acid), alkalies, paints, polymers, solvents, pesticides, herbicides, beverages, kitchen spills, human and animal wastes, blood, vomit, urine and many more liquids and semi-liquids.

Hazardous Cabinet 760 x 457 x 457mm 1 Shelf

Constructed from high quality 0.7-1.5mm steel Extra rigidity to maintain structural integrity under extreme conditions Supplied with new GHS easy-peel labels in line with the CLP regulations - came into effect in June 2015 Doors are reinforced with steel door stiffeners Fitted with a quality chrome lock (1-point locking on single doors, 3-point on double doors) Perforated shelves Adjustable shelves every 25mm Flammable symbol stickers on door supplied Additional easy-peel stickers with oxidising and explosive symbol supplied loose Complies with High Flammable Liquids and Liquefield Petroleum Gas Regulation 1972 Also complies where appropriate with the Health and Safety Executive Guide HSG51 and DSEAR 2002 Not fire proof Powder coated finish Material - Steel Sump capacity: 10 litres Colours: Yellow Size (H x W x D): 760 x 457 x 457mm Locking Mechanism: 3-point lockable handles

Performance absorbent granules (20ltr)

Our Absonet Plus Absorbent Granules are a high performance absorbent granule mined and processed from 100% natural clay. Ideal for non-aggressive water and oil spills, Absonet Plus can be used on any surface including walkways and machinery bases.

Chemical absorbent sheets 42cm x 50cm (x100)

Designed to absorb aggressive fluids such as acids or alkalis Bonded and dimpled for strength Perforated for improved versatility Yellow

Maintenance Sock 7.5cm x 1.2m (x 20)

Used to absorb and contain industrial liquids, water and solvent based spills. Fast absorption, even with heavy liquids. Each sock absorbs up to 4.5 litres.

Maintenance Pads 50cm x 40cm (x100)

1.2 litre capacity per pad Pack of 100 easy to use 50cm x 40cm absorbent pads Lint free Max strength Keep your working environment clean and tidy with this great product from the Spill Excel range Reduce down time and mess with easy to use absorbent pads Maintenance/ general purpose. Will absorb almost all liquids Designed for the toughest spills Fast absorbing High grade polypropylene construction Great for use around the factory and workshop

Maintenance Roll 38cm x 40m

Meltblown with a sonic-bonded core and a spun-bond top layer. If its larger areas that needs covering quickly, absorbent rolls are perfect. The roll is perforated across and up the length of the roll, making it easier to take what is needed for the job and also to fold a piece over when some extra thickness is required. Maintenance absorbents are designed to absorb non-aggressive oil and water-based fluids such as fuels, oils and coolants. This not only makes it easier to take what''s needed for the job but also to fold a piece over when some extra thickness is required.

Premier 50cm x 40m Maintenance Roll

50cm x 40m Premier Maintenance Rolls are ideal for use in workshops as an emergency response or for day to day drips, leaks and spills. Offering first rate performance with market-leading tensile strength, these rolls are great for use with general purpose spills.

Oil absorbent matts 48cm x 43cm (pack of 100)

The Oil Pads are ideal for shallow spills and come in a pack of 100 which ensures that they cover a greater surface area and are conveniently packaged for ease of use and quick response to clean up spillages. The absorbent pads are made from Meltblown polypropylene, making them economical yet effective. Dimensions: 48cm x 43cm. Pack of 100. - Ideal for shallow spills - Come in a pack of 100 which ensures that they cover a greater surface area - Conveniently packaged for ease of use & quick response to clean up spillages - Absorbent pads are made from Meltblown polypropylene, making them economical yet effectiv

Yellow Spill Pallet 4 drums….280mm deep

Sump pallet of polyethylene construction with yellow finish, highly resistant to most chemicals and corrosion. Fork pockets allow easy positioning. Overall size: 280mm(h) x 1290mm(w) x 1380mm(l) Sump capacity: 245 litres No. of drums held: 4 Complies to all UK Oil Storage Regulations

Kneeling Mat

Designed to make kneeling more comfortable, this Kneeling Mat is both portable and lightweight. Featuring triple laminate construction with a protective skin on both sides that aid in guarding knees against sharp objects. The mat can be hung up as storage when not in use. Due to not being water absorbent it can be used as a seat pad. It helps reduce pressure at the knees allowing it to be a useful physiotherapy aid.

Fat Max Backpack on Wheels

Fat Max Backpack on Wheels

Stanley Wheeled Storage Case

  • Stanley soft bag on wheels, the perfect trolley tool bag for your heavy tools, parts and essentials. Ideal for technicians or tradesperson on the move.
  • Heavy duty 600 denier fabric.
  • Resistant to cuts and scratches
  • Internal and external pockets
  • Power tools and accessories storage
  • Telescopic handle
  • Wheels

Helly Hanson PVC Offshore Bag

The WW Off Shore Bag is a professional looking, clean design which features a spacious interior with an inside pocket. Its synthetic woven fabric is durable and features HH Workwear print on the bag ends, with a comfy shoulder strap and carry handles for easy transportation.

Self Adhesive Tape 50mm x 66m

Office Packaging''s White packing tape is perfect for use in warehouses to identify and colour code packing boxes for stock taking, storage or shipping. Being tough and durable, it offers a tight and secure seal, bonding easily to smooth, clean surfaces.

Belt Bag

  • Adjustable webbing belt with secure clip fastener
  • Large zipppered main pocket
  • Zippered rear pocket
  • Suitable for embroidery and press print
  • Capacity: 2.5 litres

Barrier tape red-white 50mm self adhesive 33Mtr

Material: PVC. Strong and high-quality sticky tape with bright eye-catching pattern. Ideal for highlighting hazards and potential dangers. Easy to rip or cut to size. Has a self adhesive backing.

Barrier tape black-yellow 55mm self adhesive 33Mtr

Material: PVC. Strong and high-quality sticky tape with bright eye-catching pattern. Ideal for highlighting hazards and potential dangers. Easy to rip or cut to size. Has a self adhesive backing.

Barrier tape (non adhesive)

Red/white zebra tape Length: 500m Polyethylene Diagonally striped hazard warning tape used to mark out areas and avoid hazards

450mm Traffic Cone

Manufactured from compressed rubber. One Part ‘E’ Cone

Road Safety Cone 750mm

Fitted with reflective sleeve. Cone and base manufactured in one piece from recycled thermoplastic.

Martor Secumax Combi Knife

Able to cut at both 3.5mm and 5mm deep, you’ll never be without the tool you need with this MARTOR safety knife. Easy to replace, the mounted blade is able to cut on all four-sides, so in addition to cutting-depth versatility, this knife also ensures that blades last longer.

Secunorm Profi25 Detectable Safety Knife

Designed for all normal cutting jobs Robust aluminium handle cutting depth 19mm Non-slip soft-grip slider for ambidextrous use Tool less blade changing Rounded tip trapezoid double use blade

Secupro Maerak Knife

The SECUPRO MERAK is our practical squeeze-grip safety knife with fully automatic blade retraction. With SECUPRO MARTEGO’s “little brother” we have thought about one thing in particular: you. The lightweight and user friendly SECUPRO MERAK lets you work safely, with little risk of cutting exhaustion. And there’s much more: thanks to a shallow cutting depth, your goods are also well protected. No matter what material you cut.

Secunorm Mizar Knife Standard Blade

Glass fibre reinforced handle makes this knife very robust and durable Multiple use locking system - can be set to lock or unlock, or when necessary slide to the blade change mode Quick and simple blade change allows the knife to be easily cleaned of dirt and debris without the need of tools to unscrew and replace

Secunorm Mizar Knife with rounded blade tip

Efficient squeeze and cut lever Automatic retracted blade, cutting depth 13 mm Will cut up to triple wall cardboard Comfortable for left or right handed use Blade can be turned and used again

Martor Secumax 150 Safety Knife

For a disposable knife, the SECUMAX 150 fits in a lot of features. Its innovative 3-in-1 cutting head houses two concealed blades, a tape splitter, and a blunt-edged scraper that’s perfect for removing labels and residue. Using both blades allows this safety knife to be used twice as long before being replaced, and the 6mm cutting depth enables it to cut through two-ply cardboard. With concealed blades to protect your fingers, and guide surfaces in front that allow for angled cutting too, this MARTOR safety knife is fantastically versatile.

Trapezoid Stainless Steel Replacement Blades (x10)

The bulk of the blade is made from spring steel, which can resist pressure applied from the side without snapping.The safest blade to use is generally a sharp one - as it takes less effort to cut, and therefore greater control can be maintained. This blade stays sharp up to 3 x longer than standard blades. The high-speed steel edge, and heat treated to greater hardness for longer life and edge sharpness.

Trapezoid Blades 5232 (x10)

Robust aluminum body Cutting depth of 20mm Fully automatic blade retraction Safe and easy blade change Lightly rounded handle Soft grip slider accessible from left and right hand

Martor Round Tip Trapezoid Blade (x10)

The Martor trapezoidal blades No. 60099 are ground on 2 sides and have rounded tips for safe handling. They are suitable for use with the Martor Cutter Secupro 625 safety knife, and can be used 2-fold by turning the blade. The variety of materials that can be processed is immense: up to 3-layer cardboard, rubber, textile, adhesive tape, plastic strapping, leather, wrapping, stretch and shrink fim, bagged goods, PVC flooring, film and paper webs, carpeting, and felt.

Martor Trapezoid Rounded Blades (x 10)

Martor Trapezoid Blades (x 10) Length - * 50.1 mm Width - * 19 mm Material thickness - * 0.63 mm Basic material - Steel Ground - Deep-edged, 2-sided ground-edge Blade facets - Double bevel edge-ground Safety feature - Rounded blade tips Blade characteristic - 2-cutting edge blade * Deviations within allowable tolerances possible

Profi left handed model (Blue)

A CLASSIC FOR LEFT HANDED USERS. WITH TRAPEZOID BLADE. Do you sometimes wonder why we''ve never bothered to update our SECUNORM PROFI? It is, after all four decades old! Well to be honest, it has never been necessary. Yesterday''s pioneer is today''s classic. A timeless shape, a robust form, a versatile ability: what more could you want? The "forefather" of all of our TÜV-tested safety knives, the SECUNORM PROFI features automatic blade retraction and has therewith protected generations of users.

Plastic key coil with trigger hook

This 120mm (6") plastic coil that extends to approximately 900mm (36") and comes complete with same trigger hook. These plastic key coils are perfect as an economical key management system with great bulk discounts available.

Spare blades for spring retracting knife (1x10)

Heavy duty knife blades designed for making cuts in various materials using your free hand or a guide. Blades are available in standard sizes and will fit most trimming knives.

Polysafe Plus Knife

Robust film slitter with enclosed Blade and non-slip rubber handle insert. Uses our WBG 202, 3 hole, double-edged razor blades

Polysafe Swan Neck Cutter c-w Tape Slitter

Specially designed safety knife to cut shrink wrap and plastic straps with built in tape splitter

Rocksalt 25kg White

Handy Bag of White Rock Salt are ideal for de-icing areas such as pathways, driveways, and school playgrounds. The product is sometimes known as Halite and is the mineral form of sodium chloride. When dissolved in water it forms a brine which then has a lower freezing point than water.

Cushion Grip Plastic Ice Scraper

Compact size with wide blade. Ideal for removing snow and ice from vehicle windscreens and windows Cushion grip for extra comfort Made from strong, durable plastic Lightweight and easy to use

Detectable stick pen with clip Black ink

Detectable Elephant One Piece Stick pen is the sleekest yet ergonomic detectable pen on the market. Ideal for all budgets and factory uses.

Detectable retractable pen with clip Black ink

The rugged construction means it is resilient and will not break under stress. This long life pen will easily outlive a writing endurance of over 10 kilometres (6.2 miles) of ink and the refill installation system has been designed to make it easy to replace the cartridge. For use in wet and greasy work areas it has a matt, slightly textured finish which is none-the-less easy to clean. The natural grip area has a shaped indentation that has been formed with ridges. This not only reduces the possibility of the pen slipping back through the fingers but it also reduces any tendency for it to rotate, especially when the hands are wet.