what are the alternatives to nitrile?
The pandemic and inflated shipping costs has meant the cost of nitrile disposable gloves has soared, due to the increase in demand.
3D and your employees' well-being
Did you know that the average person walks 3.7 miles a day (1500 miles a year!) ? That’s on average; so imagine the distance those who have active jobs cover, such as postal workers, warehouse staff and emergency services! 👣
are you ready for summer?
Did you know that summer is the peak season for many industries? These include construction, oil & gas, and energy workers, with many of these workers often struggling with rising temperatures on the job. Threats, such as heatstroke, sun exposure, and dehydration, become a reality for your team when working in PPE in the summer.
Many businesses are using disposable respirators, not only are they a constant ongoing expense with yearly face fit testing, they’re also contributing to the 53 million face masks we’re adding to landfill each year.
With places opening up and we're starting to get a little bit more of the old normal back. One area is the migration from working from home to back into the office. Your staffs' health is a priority and ensuring your workplace is as safe as it possibly can be, minimising the spread of Covid-19.
We're always adding sustainable and biodegradable products to our ever-growing range ♻️ As a business, it's your responsibility to ensure you're making a positive impact on the environment, yes the product needs to be top-notch; but they also need to be sustainable so why not choose: TD02 Tri Polymer Blend Disposable Glove (x100) – A11.4300.
Looking back at 2020 -19 March 2021

What's happened at Slater Safety

Can you believe this time last year we were heading into the first lockdown, now a year on we’re looking back at what we’ve achieved over the past 12 months. And we certainly deserve to give ourselves, especially the team – a pat on the back!

Northwood dispensers and paper products special offer

For a limited time we are running some very special introductory offers on the Northshore (by Northwood) market leading range of washroom dispensers and paper products.

Important health and safety industry update

We are informing you of global challenges directly impacting our industry, this is highly likely to impact your buying decisions immediately so hopefully the update will allow you to plan and prepare.

Did you know there is new scientific evidence that exposure to all welding fume, including mild steel welding fume, can cause lung cancer? Did you know Silica is the biggest risk to construction workers after asbestos?