We are pleased to now be able to offer you rapid Covid testing kits. These are very quick and convenient kits and a must-have in numerous workplaces.

Slater Safety and Slice knives

The cost of a laceration in the workplace to a business is on average around £5000, when you consider lost productivity, sick pay, temporary staff, paperwork, management involvement and potential impact on insurance premiums. PPE SHOULD BE A LAST LINE OF DEFENSE. IT'S IMPERATIVE OUR WORKPLACES ARE AS SAFE AS THEY CAN BE. THAT'S WHY WE RECOMMEND SLICE KNIVES!

Hand Gel Safety Alert

During this unprecedented time where everyone is being extra cautious, and personal hygiene is a key factor in the battle against coronavirus. It is important to understand that the most innocuous of products may cause harm even when you think it is protecting you…!! Please see below details of an incident which occurred using alcohol hand gel, it is an important learning point for everyone to consider.
NEW Glove Catalogue Launched -22 September 2020

New Glove Catalogue

Simply, the BEST place to get gloves... a very extensive range of hand protection to suit all industry needs. Carefully selected gloves from a wide range of suppliers, everything from the day-to-day general handling gloves, food preparation gloves, waterproof gloves, thermal protection, disposables, eco-friendly gloves through to high risk chemical protection and sharps handling... you name it, we are sure to have the perfect glove for you!
FFP2 Masks Available Slater Safety have sourced a stock of FFP2 masks which we can assure you are fully certified to the EN149 respirator standard. Many new masks have been brought to the market with the surge in demand due to this Covid crisis, a lot of masks have been sold that are not certified and therefore may not be providing the adequate protection for you or your workforce. It’s critical to ensure you can trust your supply chain for products like these masks which could have a direct impact on your staff health and safety.
Following guidelines issued earlier this week by the Government, there are some simple actions you need to take to make your workplace COVID SECURE. Give your staff safety and security when returning to work.

CleanAIR® is a complete system of personal respiratory protection based on the principle of overpressure of the filtered air in the breathing zone. The system consists of a powered air respirator which is installed on the wearer’s belt and filtrates the air taken from the surrounding environment through the efficient particle, gas or combined filters. The purified air is delivered through the breathing tube into a protective mask or hood.

Coronavirus signs

With news of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continuing to make headlines around the world, the need to tackle the spread of this deadly virus is greater than ever.

Hand gel and sanitiser

Covid-19 – Coronavirus is now having a direct impact on our supplies of hand gels, hand sanitiser and antiseptic hand wipes. We are doing our upmost to source these products from our suppliers, who are struggling to keep up with the demand at this present time.

Coronavirus Market Update

The Coronavirus in China is having a direct impact on our UK supply. There is and will be an ongoing shortage of all types of disposable masks and type 5/6 disposable coveralls. Even when the factories are back up and running (see below), all production of these products are being held and used by the Chinse government, as they do not have enough masks to meet their current demand.