Info - Hygiene Products


You must:

  • provide clean floors and stairs, with effective drainage where necessary
  • provide clean premises, furniture and fittings
  • provide containers for waste materials
  • remove dirt, refuse and trade waste regularly
  • clear up spillages promptly
  • keep internal walls or ceilings clean

Hygiene and welfare

You must provide:

  • clean toilets and hand basins, with running hot and cold or warm water, soap and towels or another suitable means of drying
  • drinking water
  • somewhere to rest and eat meals, including facilities for eating food which would otherwise become contaminated
  • showers for dirty work or emergencies
  • drying facilities for wet work clothes, if practical and necessary
  • accommodation or hanging space for personal clothing not worn at work (and somewhere to change if special clothing is worn for work)
  • rest facilities for pregnant women and nursing mothers

In some circumstances your risk assessment will highlight the need to provide additional specific controls, for example:

  • skin cleansers, with nail brushes
  • barrier cream and skin-conditioning cream where necessary
  • certain facilities for workers working away from base, eg chemical toilets in some circumstances