How 3D is shaking up the safety footwear industry and improving your employees’ well-being…

21 July 2021

3D and your employees' well-being

Now think about it - if you’re wearing poorly-fitted or inadequate shoes for the job, you’re going to risk a whole host of issues including unnecessarily increasing the movement required to undertake any task, causing problems with posture, stiff neck and increasing back pain problems and inflaming the body and causing blisters, calluses and corns.

People don’t always see footwear as a long-term investment. Why would you spend £100 on a pair of boots when you can get four pairs for £100? But think about this.  How often are you going to need to replace those ‘cheaper’ shoes? Are they going to do the job and ensure your employees are comfortable and well-protected? And who will ultimately pay when your employees have health issues caused by cheap footwear?  The right choice of footwear truly is an investment- not an expense. And if each employee is going through 2/3 pairs of shoes a year compared to just one more expensive pair, then how many pairs are you contributing to landfill?

It’s not just about the cost and the environmental impact, most importantly it’s investing in correctly-fitting shoes for the job and ensuring the well-being of your employees, especially if they’re spending multiple hours of their day on their feet.

That's why we're proud to be a supplier of Giasco footwear, who feature the fully-injected polyurethane tridensity safety shoes. For fifty years they’ve invested in research, design and technology to ensure comfort and adequate technology to provide workers with full protection from all the dangers present in a variety of work situations.

Giasco are the first company to combine footwear and 3D technology to revolutionise the safety footwear market.  Harnessing the power of 3D technology within footwear, it means we’re able to offer a superior product giving maximum comfort and softness in the sole whilst maintaining the durability and protection advantage typically found in a fully injected shoe.


The journey began in 2015; where in-depth research was conducted by Italian and European biomedical universities analysing the many different postures adopted by the worker.

Studies included how in specific situations of physical stress present in the most diverse work environments.

The aim was to provide footwear that maximised stability, comfort while also offering non-slip protection, with each layer being injected specifically.

The issues with two-dimensional injected footwear has meant these criteria haven’t been able to guarantee sufficient performance and standards. Design limitations of bidensity footwear (characterised by only two layers of sole) have often constrained the process by either applying inserts in the sole or the upper. Usually made from plastic material; without lasting memory over time or applied in the upper means the footwear has been more prone to wear and damage.

With glued footwear, the quality of durability performance was poor due to the sole quickly detaching from the upper.

And that’s where Giasco and 3D come in, after twenty years they’re shaking up the safety footwear market with each layer being injected to enhance performance and suitability.


The revolutionary patented technology of 3D allows 3 different layers of polyurethane to be injected on the upper, offering maximum comfort and stability of the foot thanks to the 3 densities that characterise the various layers of the sole.



The central part of the three layers is characterised by an extremely soft density ensuring extreme softness at every step.  The resilience of the polyurethane solution ensures that a memory effect takes place over time, maximising the lifespan of the product and (unlike other materials) doesn’t deform over time and lead to incorrect postures.


This has been designed to ensure greater stability of the foot, especially for those walking on uneven surfaces during the day. The stabilising ring stabilises the ankle during swirling movements that over time could cause back and knee fatigue.

The memory effect of the polyurethane guarantees longevity and sealing characteristics of the footwear over time compared to others on the market without this technology.


The section in contact with the ground (due to its hardest compound) has been designed to offer maximum resistance to contact with any surface.

Combined with the tread design the material guarantees excellent SRC (Slip Resistance Classification) performance in terms of non-slip even on the most difficult or inclined surfaces thanks to its ‘vacuum’ grip.

selection of Giasco footwear

So what are you waiting for?

Why wouldn’t you want footwear that:

✅ Is the first technology to use 3D offering a fully injected polyurethane tridensity shoe?

✅ Conforms to UNI EN ISO 20 345 accredited technology?

✅ Patented by European Patent Agency?

✅ Is revolutionising the safety footwear market?

Get in touch with one of the team to find out how we can help ensure the well-being of your employees with footwear that:

✅ Reduces fatigue at the end of the day

✅ Utilises sustainably sourced materials

✅ Gives supreme comfort, better joint function and muscle flexibility

✅ Reduces the risk factor related to work accidents/harmful postures

✅ Reduces joint pain and arthritis symptoms

Speak to one of our team today to find out how we can improve your employees well-being and shake up the safety footwear market: 01772 691000 |