Disposable Gloves? But biodegradable?!

Disposable Gloves? But biodegradable?!

We're always adding sustainable and biodegradable products to our ever-growing range ♻️

As a business, it's your responsibility to ensure you're making a positive impact on the environment, yes the product needs to be top-notch; but they also need to be sustainable.
It can take up to 100 years for a standard nitrile glove to biodegrade, and that's not okay when we're sending 1000's of them to landfills each day.
So we're proud to say we have Tri Polymer Blend Disposable Gloves (A11.4300) that biodegrade in just 90 days!


So alongside the environmental benefits, why else should you choose this product?
  • - Cooler to the skin, skin friendly and dermatologically approved.
  • - Available in blue, and then black later in the year.
  • - 25% increase in stretch and comfort.
  • - More comfortable and closer fit than standard nitrile.
  • - Sustainably produced raw materials, local to the factory.
  • - Lower carbon footprint in production.
  • - Biodegradeable in 90 days, in a landfill. Nitrile can take over 100 years!

  • - EN374
  • - EN455
  • - EN16523-1
  • - EN1186- Food Approved

Key Features:

  • - Dermatologically Approved – Skin Health Alliance
  • - Food Approved
  • - Category 3 Product.
  • - Latex content, has very low protein content, less than 25mg per gram. It’s a first!

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