W2 Sanilav Toilet Cleaner & Descaler 750ml

Phosphoric acid formulation - Cleans and removes limescale - Freshens and neutralises malodours - Kills harmful bacteria
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Ceramic, stainless steel and chrome plated toiet bowls and urinals - Safe to use with septic tanks - DO NOT use on marble or enamel.
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To open, squeeze pads on cap and turn anticlockwise - To close, turn cap clockwise until click is heard Toilet BOwls - Flush toilet - Force excess water around s bend and toilet brush - Direct toilet cleaner around the bowl and up under the rim - Leave for 5 mins, brush stubborn stains before reflushing - Rinse brush after use Urinals - Apply evenly across surface of the urinal - Leave for 5 mins then brush - Leave to flush automatically.