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Invirtu 800ml Catridge Refill Foam Dispenser

  • A product for those who seek an effective alternative to alcohol based hand rubs.
  • Ideal for those who are unable to use alcohol based hand rubs, enabling greater compliance to hand hygiene protocols Directions for use On to dry hands, dispense as many pumps necessary to give good coverage. Rub hands together, especially between fingers and around nails, until product has dried. Do not rinse off. Repeat as necessary. Shelf life stability data 2 years under recommended storage conditions. Package Options Available in 50ml personal, 600ml pump, dispenser with cartridge and 5 litre bulk refill
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ENVIRONMENTAL TEST DATA 96-hour patch test “Based on the data, the test article can be considered as safe for use and claims such as, ‘Dermatologically tested’, “Clinically tested’, ‘Clinically proven’, ‘Kind to skin’, ‘Mild for skin’ and ‘Safe for skin’ are all substantiated”. Potential Taint from Direct Contact with Test Materials “The test results indicate that the test product; B2035 Hand Foam Sanitiser, does not have the potential to taint when tested as above”. Trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) test “When compared to the positive control, the TEWL values (p<0.05) indicate the product does not compromise the skin barrier as harshly as the positive control (70% v/v ethanol). Based on this, the claims of, “Kind to skin”, “Maintains skins natural moisture levels”, “Maintains skins natural hydration” and “Does not compromise the skin as harshly as ethanol” are substantiated for the test article”.
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