Deb Relax foam hand wash 1Ltr

Refresh™ Relax FOAM contains skin conditioner and moisturiser to improve skin hydration and prevent drying. 6 in a box Perfect for use in washroom areas in offices and public facilities
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‘Relaxing’ Fragrance containing natural essential oils -The perfume is designed to instill a sense of calm and relaxation using an oriental musk with top notes of tangerine and bergamot, supported by floral undertones and the warmth of clove and cinnamon. Luxurious silky-smooth foam -Provides a luxurious hand washing experience and leaves skin fresh after use. Soap-free formulation with skin friendly pH value -Formulated to maintain the skin’s acid mantle; a layer on the surface of the skin which acts to help support the natural bacteria balance. Contains Glycerin and Panthenol skin moisturisers -A skin moisturiser to help prevent drying and leave the skin feeling smooth after use. Saves water and energy - Foam format can save up to 45% on water consumption and associated energy costs compared to lotion soaps. Highly economical -Only one dose is required for an effective hand wash, providing the equivalent of up to 43% more hand washes compared to standard lotion soap. Quick and easy to use -Dispensed directly as foam on to the hands, reducing the time required to create lather. Quickly and easily rinses away to leave no residues on skin or in the sink.
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