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CleanAIR® Chemical 2F Kit - C-Belt

Compact, lightweight yet powerful…. Meet the most versatile and durable respirator on the market. Despite its compact design and low weight, Chemical 2F is characterized by outstanding durability, chemical resistance and increased ingress protection. The thought-out design with a smooth surface allows easy decontamination by shower or even full immersion. The unique automatic closing system prevents unwanted contamination while the filters are being changed. The smart Flow Control system maintains the airflow on the constant level regardless filter clogging or low battery charge. Audiovisual alarm indicates when the battery charge and/or filter replacement is required. Adjustable airflow from 120 up to 235 lpm is available during the whole shift no matter of the type of the filter thanks to optional Heavy Duty battery.
Manufacturer: CleanAir
SKU: D50.510000FCAU
Availability: In stock
Compact design and low weight Compatible with a hood, mask or ventilated protective suit High mechanical and chemical resistance Increased ingress protection allows decontamination by shower or even full immersion (IP64/IP65/IP68) Full colour display clearly shows all the relevant information – filter clogging, battery charge, airflow Flow Control system maintains constant airflow regardless of the level of filter clogging or battery charge Operation time up to 16 hours with Heavy Duty battery, or up to 10 hours with standard battery Short battery recharging time < 3 hours (standard battery) Audiovisual alarm Multilingual user interface Back harness available for increased comfort
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Heavy industrial environments including chemical and pharmaceutical industry Remediation operations, laboratories First responders and emergency teams Biological protection
CleanAIR® Chemical 2F incl. comfort belt, Li-Ion battery, charger, flow indicator (w/o hose)