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CleanAIR® AerGO kit- CB, SB, FH, P3F

AerGO® SLIM, LIGHTWEIGHT AND ERGONOMIC RESPIRATOR The most ergonomical and versatile respirator but not only for welding industry. Compatible with both particle and combined filters and thus suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. The slim profile of the unit allows you to squeeze into spaces with limited access, while the smart Flow Control system maintains the air flow constant regardless filter clogging or low battery charge. Audio, visual and vibrating alarm indicate when battery charge or filter replacement is required. Adjustable airflow 160 or 210 lpm available during the whole shift no matter of the type of the filter thanks to the optional Heavy Duty battery.
Manufacturer: CleanAir
SKU: D50.300000P
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  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Slim profile of the unit – only 65 mm
  • Versatile in use – filtration of particulates as well as gases/vapours
  • Simple to operate with just one button
  • Operation time up to 20 hours with Heavy Duty battery, or up to 10 hours with standard battery
  • Short battery recharging time < 3 hours (standard battery)
  • Adjustable airflow at two levels: 160 and 210 lpm
  • Flow Control system maintains constant airflow regardless of the the level of filter clogging or battery charge
  • Audio, visual and vibrating alarm indicating a low airflow or a low battery charge
  • Unique filter design ensures the perfect seal by every filter change
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  • Welding, grinding and surface finishing operations
  • Automotive and shipbuilding industry
  • Agriculture, food processing industry
  • Building and construction, wood processing
CleanAIR® AerGO® incl. comfort belt, Li-Ion battery, charger, QuickLOCK™ air hose and P R SL filters