ARESTA Kit2S: Double Point Harness,elastic Lanyard

General purpose harness with front and rear D ring attachment points,. High comfort webbing. Suitable for general tradesmen, construction workers, roofing, vertical climbing and access equipment. Simple and effective fall arrest harness for total safety compliance. EN 361:2002 ARESTA AR-03908 Elasticated Webbing Lanyard Elasticated webbing lanyard with Carabiner and Scaffold Hook. Includes energy shock absorber. standard simple lanyard for attachment to anchor points, providing safe fall arrest system. 2m maximum length. EN 354:2010 ARESTA Oriole pump bag Kit bag a durable lightweight backpack Ideal for keeping your kit together.
SKU: H18.AK-S02S
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EN-355 EN-361 EN-371 EN-359
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