Northshore washroom dispensers and products - special offers

11 March 2021

For a limited time we are running some very special introductory offers on the incredibly well manufactured Northshore (by Northwood) market leading range of washroom dispensers and paper products.

What are the benefits to you in choosing the Northshore products:

  • More environmentally friendly
  • Cost saving
  • Lower maintenance
  • Easier on your drains
  • More hygienic
  • Stylish

Northshore paper towels and toilet rolls - special offer

There is strong evidence to show that using paper hand towels to dry hands is a lot more hygienic than using a powered dryer.  Take a look at this very interesting graphic:

Paper towels VS powdered hand dryers

 *CFU (Colony-forming unit) is used in microbiology to estimate the number of viable bacteria or fungal cells in a sample*

If you care about long term cost saving on your washroom paper usage, hitting your environmental targets and offering the most hygienic hand drying experience for your staff, then you should consider using the Northshore dispensers and products.  We are running some excellent introductory deals on the range and would love to speak to you to find out what deal is best for your company needs.

Speak to one of our team today to find out about making the switch: 01772 691000 |