Ensuring your workplace and employees are safe with our COVID-19 Range

04 May 2021

covid range

With places opening up and we're starting to get a little bit more of the old normal back.  One area is the migration from working from home to back into the office.  Your staffs' health is a priority and ensuring your workplace is as safe as it possibly can be, minimising the spread of Covid-19.

We’re pleased to offer a range of products that can help ensure your staff and workplace are kept safe and protected.

🌡️ Forehead Thermometers

One way to prevent the spread of Covid and ensuring your workplace and most importantly, your staff are kept safe is 'testing' each member as they enter the building.

These easy-to-use, non-contact, forehead thermometers produce a result in just seconds.

At £34.27 (ex VAT) apiece these are a must-have for your office – the quickest and easiest way to guarantee every member of staff who enters the building is safe to do so.


🧪COVID rapid tests

Rapid antigen tests are another key way to ensure those who enter a building are safe to do so.

The CE marked test is intended to help in the diagnosis of individuals who are suspected of active Covid-19 infection within the first 7 days of symptom onset.

With simple nasal swabbing, results in 15 minutes, a 99.3% accuracy rate, and room temperature storage they’re perfect to keep everyone safe.

Reduced to £180 (ex VAT) for a kit of 25 tests, that's just £7.20 per test, testing your employees has never been easier.

Each kit contains:

✅ 25 test cassettes

✅ Sterile nasal swabs

✅ Prefilled buffers

✅ Instructions for use

✅ Positive and Negative control swab


😷 Branded face masks

We've been living with face masks for the past year now and it looks like they won’t be going away any time soon. Why not ensure your staff are on brand, but most importantly protected with our 'Satinskin branded face masks'?

Sadly, 53 million disposable face masks are thrown away each day – that’s a lot of unnecessary waste heading to landfills.

You're ensuring the quality of face masks you're providing your staff:

✅ Reusable and Washable up to 20 Times

✅ Lightweight and comfortable

✅ Sanitised Antimicrobial protection

✅ Made In Europe

✅ 7 to 10 day lead time

✅ EN 14683:2019, EN ISO 9297:1995, EN 13274-7

⚠️COVID signage

Research has revealed that 80% of people in the UK feel safer in venues with clear, professional COVID-19 signage. The study by digital printing solutions firm Roland DG reveals that 78% are more likely to shop in stores with clear instructions on social distancing measures. From 2m markings on the floor to a clear one-way system to dedicated hand sanitisation points, these simple signs can ensure your customer feels safe and your brand reputation is kept intact as you take safety seriously.

We’ve a large range of signage suitable for all locations, whether that’s schools, kitchens, or offices and warehouses.


We hold stocks of many other lines that are key to preventing the spread of Covid in your workplace or in the public domain. This includes
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Printed 'keep your distance' waistcoats
  • Type 5/6 coverall suits
  • Face visors
  • A wide range of hand sanitizers and surface sanitisers
  • Covid kits and more

Please download our Covid brochure and have a look at some of our other Covid products.


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