Can I use Nitrile Gloves for my line of work? And what are the alternatives?

07 September 2021
what are the alternatives to nitrile?

One of the most common and recently due to Covid-19, most in demand type of disposable gloves are nitrile, not only do they offer the benefits of strength, dexterity and resistance. Disposable gloves are used most often within the PPE market thanks to their protective and hygienic applications.


It is estimated that up to 5% of the population have a latex allergy, which indicates why nitrile has become one of the most popular options for hand protection. As Nitrile is a type of synthetic rubber, it means it is suitable for those allergy sufferers.

One of the main reasons Nitrile is so popular is when compared directly with latex or vinyl gloves – it’s much more puncture resistant, therefore reducing the risk of snagging (to note; if sharp objects or tools are being used, cut-resistant gloves are required).

Pre pandemic, Nitrile historically was proven to be more stable in price than latex due to it being a synthetic material rather than dependant on natural resources. However, with the massive increase in demand thanks to the pandemic alongside supply chain challenges, the cost of Nitrile has sky rocketed.


Naturally as the cost of Nitrile gloves keeps rising, our purchasing and procurement teams are tasked with finding you cheaper alternatives whilst maintaining the highest quality, especially for those in key industries; medical, food and cleaning.

  • Latex - As we’ve mentioned further up in this article, latex won’t be suitable for all due to allergies however powder free latex offers a good option especially for those in the food production industry.
  • Vinyl – Vinyl can offer a versatile option for those who require a latex free option. Ideal for clinical and food processing industries. 


The most obvious advantage to disposables is those that are reusable, they can be reworn and washed, one of the main benefits of these not being single-use is that they are more environmentally friendly due to not being disposed of after every wear.

We have a couple of great options including:

For some industries, particularly food and medical there is often no other option to disposables due to infection control however it’s worth finding out if you can break tradition and reduce your costs.

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