Skipper Post & Base Collar

The Post & base collar attaches firmly to the post by simply sliding over the top and seating into position. It provides a strong platform for attaching the Skipper recycle bins, safety dispensers and sanitiser brackets; turning the Skipper post & base system into a fully equipped, free-standing safety & recycling station. After the collar is attached, the Skipper unit can snap-fit to the post as usual, providing a unique combination of a 9m (30ft) barrier and recycling point. A sign holder can also be attached to either the Skipper unit or the post & base cap to display your messages.
Manufacturer: Skipper
Availability: Available to purchase. Lead time TBC.
Skipper post & base stanchion Skipper safety dispenser Skipper recycle bin Skipper sanitiser bracket
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Length: 131mm Width: 191mm Height: 185mm Weight: 415g