CleanAIR® Welding hood CA-28 shade 1,7 + 8

CA-28 Euromaski represents an ergonomic and lightweight solution for most of welding processes. Thanks to stable flip-up welding visor it provides an excelent protection for grinding, welding and subsequent cleaning operations. A wide curved protective visor ensures undisturbed view in all directions and meets medium impact requirements “B” as defined in EN 166. CA-28 Euromaski is designed for use with CleanAIR® PAPR units or CleanAIR® airline systems to protect respiratory tract, face and eyes against harmful ultraviolet/infrared radiation and welding spatters.
Manufacturer: CleanAir
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Suitable for most of welding methods and subsequent cleaning and grinding operations.

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Compact and durable design

Lightweight, comfortable

Combines welding and grinding protection

Large curved visor for undisturbed view

Easily exchangable spare parts

Comfortable and easily adjustable headband

Wide range of different shade visors (clear, smoky, shade 1,7; 8)


Weight - 560 g

Materia - Helmet shell – TPE

Material - Visor – polycarbonate

Hose connection - QuickLOCK™

Protection factor (NPF) - 50

Certification - EN 12941 TH2, EN 14594 2A, EN 175 B, EN 166 B