Are your employees ready for the warmer weather 🌞
Did you know that summer is the peak season for many industries? These include construction, oil & gas, and energy workers, with many of these workers often struggling with rising temperatures on the job. Threats, such as heatstroke, sun exposure, and dehydration, become a reality for your team when working in PPE in the summer.
Don't get caught out 😷
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have issued a new safety alert advising that respirators/masks that rely on ear loops (including those provided with clips, ‘snuggers’ or other ‘tighteners’) do NOT protect people adequately when used as tight fitting respiratory protective equipment (RPE).
We've launched our Green Range! 🌱
Why not check out our NEW Green Range - a collection of sustainable PPE, that is not only better for the environment but doesn't cost the earth.
Carbon Neutrality, Carbon Footprint and Insetting – what does it all mean? 🌎
Climate change is affecting the world in many ways with extreme weather conditions; heavy rain, flooding, heat waves and landslides all becoming more common.
Protect your employees hearing and prevent hearing loss this Tinnitus Awareness week 👂
As it’s National Tinnitus Awareness week, 7 – 13th February, it seems more important than ever to talk about how potential exposure to noise especially in the workplace can have serious consequences to your health.
Why should I choose a Powered Respirator such as CleanAir over a disposable one?
Many businesses are using disposable respirators, not only are they a constant ongoing expense with yearly face fit testing, they’re also contributing to the 53 million face masks we’re adding to landfill each year.
Wrapping up and protecting your employees this winter 🥶
Different seasons have different requirements for PPE. With the dark and cold elements, ensuring your employees have the correct gear for the job is vital to avoid potential dangers.
Our 6 point supply plan to tackle supply chain issues
In May 2020, we first saw early warnings that the strength of the post-pandemic recovery would eventually out-strip supply chains weakened by Covid.
Can I use Nitrile Gloves for my line of work? And what are the alternatives?
The pandemic and inflated shipping costs has meant the cost of nitrile disposable gloves has soared, due to the increase in demand.
How 3D is shaking up the safety footwear industry and improving your employees’ well-being…
Did you know that the average person walks 3.7 miles a day (1500 miles a year!) ? That’s on average; so imagine the distance those who have active jobs cover, such as postal workers, warehouse staff and emergency services! 👣